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Why Canada Experience Program?

This Course Allows The Student To Taste-Test Their Future Education And Career Goals



Professional certificate


University credits


Experience Canadian Academic Approach


cut The Competition in Advance


Networking Opportunities


International Exporuse

Who is this course for?

This course is for the students who wish to experience the study pattern, culture, teaching pattern, as well as the education ecosystem of Canada. This course allows the student to taste-test their future education and career goals during their program execution of four weeks at Host University.

What is the offering ?

Program offers a 4 weeks non-credit and non-degree short term certificate program. During the 27 nights programthe student gets to study at the Host University and Experience the academic ecosystem and living in the host cities.

Is IELTS required for entry/visa for the program?

No, IELTS is not required for this study program or to apply for visas related to this program.

Previous Batches at CICE, Carleton University

Who we are - Unified Growth Foundation?

We are a multi-disciplinary consultants and technocrats group with fortes in various domains as we have a team of Subject Matter Experts and Advisors. Each member of the professional team has rigorous practice in one’s pitch of proficiency and a track record of accomplishment in national/international ventures. This creates the substratum of success in providing management and technical solutions to a broad spectrum of our clients.

Unified Growth Foundation, a company registered under section 8, Company formed u/s 8 of Company Act, 2013 specializes in working towards on Growth of MSME, Youth Welfare, Skill Development & Education Sector Providing assistance through consultation & correct direction to various sectors, to encourage, motivate and guide Young Entrepreneurs towards Second Rank Leadership.

How are we associated with this program?

We are Canada India Center of Excellence (CICE) Partner for the Short Term Certificate Program. CICE is a part of Carleton Global Academy in Carleton University Campus in Ottawa, Ontario. We run this program through our associate institutes/colleges and universities.

Short Courses
(Summers 2023)

Business Strategy Program

Course Insights

Introduction to Canadian business culture

Introduction to business analysis

  • Tour of Canada's Parliament and a visit to Ottawa's
    business Hub
  • Introduction to competitive strategy & a visit to a
    business incubator
  • Introduction to strategic management & a visit to a leading Canadian Business
cyber Security Program

Course Insights

  • Introduction to Security

- Historical development of cybersecurity
- Mapping of targets, and motives behind cyberattacks

  • Cybersecurity threats
    - Vulnerabilities of the Internet, Common cyber-security threats to individuals and institutions, Distributed Denial of Service' (ddos), phishing, e-scams, and identity thefts
  • Cybercrime
    - Cybercrime classification , Analyses of economic & social impacts, Existing legal frameworks at the global & regional levels, International cooperation frameworks, Law enforcement approaches, computer investigation, and e-forensics
  • Security of the core Internet infrastructure and critical infrastructure
    - Explain how critical components of the internet work, Political dimension of global security, Control over the DNS, Technical vulnerabilities of the DNS, The security and protection of the critical infrastructure
  • Security of the core Internet infrastructure and critical infrastructure
    - Explain how critical components of the internet work
    - Political dimension of global security, Control over the DNS
    - Technical vulnerabilities of the DNS,
  • The security and protection of the critical infrastructure:
    - Internet infrastructure, Water supply facilities, Transport
    - Industrial facilities, Power plants, Internet of things/next generation networks and 'smart networks’.
  • Cyberterrorism and Cyber-conflicts
    - Recent threats & and possible counteracts, Cyber-conflicts
    - Confidence-building measures, State behaviour in cyberspace
  • Cyber-security policies and mechanisms,
    - National cybersecurity mechanisms, National cybersecurity strategies, Importance, role, & structure of national Computer Emergency Response Teams (certs) , Existing international cybersecurity initiatives and frameworks for cooperation
    - Public-private partnerships
  • Broader context of Cybersecurity
    - Digital policies and internet governance, Connection between privacy and security, Social media challenges, Issues of openness and online freedoms, Ethics and gender issues, Discussing economic aspects and building trust in e-commerce
Data analytics Program

Course Insights

  • The analytics process module
  • Applying the analytics process model to a small analysis
  • Data definition & analysis techniques
  • Elements, variables and observation
  • Level of measurement
  • Selecting analytical techniques
  • Evaluating the analysis
  • Correlation
  • Obtaining an correlation metrics
  • Regulation
  • Simple linear regression
  • Calculating the linear regression equation
  • Multiple regression
  • Multiple regression and calculating the regression
  • Statistical process control
  • Variation and control
  • Control charts
Electrical Program

Course Insights

  • Automation Systems
  • Introduction to automation tools and methodologies
  • Fundamentals to PLCs / SCADA
  • Deployment and integration of complex automation systems
  • Renewable Energy
  • Introduction to renewable energy
  • Photovoltaic, solar-thermal
  • Hydro-power, geothermal, tidal, Terrestrial, thermodynamic and electrical limitations
Mechatronics Program

Course Insights

  • State - Space System Model
  • Discrete Time Signals And System
  • Z Transformation
  • Sampling: The Ideal Sampler, Data Reconstruction,
  • Quantization Effects
  • Introduction To Control System And Feedback
  • The Laplace Transforms, Transfer Functions And Solution To Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Modeling Of Dynamic Systems And System Response ,1st And 2nd Order Systems
  • Introduction To Mechatronics Systems And Design
  • Introduction To Mechatronics Devices And System
  • Identification Of The Main Components Of Mechatronics System And Example.
  • Computer Control And Sampling Effect
  • Experimental Data
  • Accuracy And Uncertainty Analysis
  • Analog Systems & Sensors
  • Signal Conditioning
Nursing Program

Course Insights

Cultural Competence
  • Ability of a healthcare professional to provide care while respecting the cultural norms and values of their patients.

Patient-Centered Practice
  • Healthcare in Canada is patient centered. This means that the values, beliefs and wishes of the patient and his or her family are sought and considered when making care decisions.

Collaboration Among Healthcare Professionals
  • Collaboration between the various health professionals working together in a practice setting and the healthcare system
Patient Safety
  • The effect that the healthcare work environment can have on the safety of patients.

Federal Role in Canadian Healthcare
  • The Canadian healthcare system can be divided into administration/organization/financing & delivery of care aspects.
Provincial Delivery of Care
  • Different levels of healthcare delivery, consider the cost of providing healthcare services, and explore the distinction between public and private healthcare

Regulation of Health Professions
  • An overview of the purpose of professional regulation, and explores the jurisdictional issues involved in this privilege in Canada
Professionalism, Reflective Practice, and Lifelong Learning
  • Explore the meaning of ‘professionalism’ as it applies to their practice and the issue of regulation

Ethics and Liability
  • Explore ethical principles as tools for decision-making, and be introduced to Canadian law and expectations regarding liability and informed consent.
Pharmacy Program

Course Insights

Pharmacology and toxicology

– A Canadian overview

– Overview of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs

– Applying international regulations

– Basics of pharmacology and toxicology

– Industry visit (Nutrichem Ottawa)*

Emerging Technology

– Bio-Technology

– Molecular biology

– Industry visit/ guest speaker*

Principles of Pharmacology and Toxicology
– Clinical pharmacology
– Toxicology

Ethics and Pharmacy

– Biomedical practices

– Food and drug laws: Canada, USA, Europe

Physiotherapy Program

Course Insights

  • Athlete Overview
  • Common sporting injuries and illnesses
  • Common medical conditions affecting athletes
  • Drug in sport
  • Taping Techniques – principles and applications of tape
  • Assessment of Injuries
  • Anatomy and client assessment
  • Principles of injury management
  • Patho-physiology and mechanisms of musculoskeletal
  • Taping techniques – ankle and Achilles
  • Active Player Management
  • Warm up, cool down and stretching
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Sports trainer in action
  • Taping techniques – Finger, thumb, elbow
  • Handling and Rehabbing An Injured Athlete
  • Moving an injured athlete
  • Rehabilitation and Conditioning Techniques
  • Advanced Player Management
  • Taping Techniques :- Knee, Shoulder
  • Orientation for Licensing Exam

Osteopathy Approaches For Full Body , Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) , Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Pre And Postnatal Care

Structural Engg. Program

Course Insights

Introduction to Structural Engineering
- Introduction to Technology
- Civil Engineering Materials
- Introduction to Structural Analysis
- Introduction to Structural Design

Concrete Technology
- Introduction to properties of concrete
- Laboratory testing of concrete
- Advanced concrete technology: Fibre reinforced
- Advanced concrete technology: ultrahigh performance

Introduction to Structural Design

- Introduction to the design of reinforced concrete structures

- Introduction to prestressed concrete structures

- Introduction to steel structures

Advanced Structural Engineering

- Building fire safety

- Seismic and Blast resistant design

- Wind effects on structures

- Rehabilitation and retrofitting of concrete structures


Most frequent questions and answers
  • OTTAWA, Capital city of Canada, 5-6 hours from Toronto
  • 4 Weeks (Mon-Fri) Saturday-Sunday off, Industrial visits related to course (Mostly last day of a week) 
  • Seats available: 15 Students 
  • Course Duration for 2023: Summers 
  • Fill up the registration form on this page. 
  • After filling up the form, confirm with your International Cell/ coordinator from your college or UGF team at: +919712740032 


  • Pay the deposit of 10000/- to block your seat. 
  • Pay your fees CAD 3650/- via credit card or bank transfer on the link provided.* 
  • Airport pickup and drop,
  • Ground transportation,
  • Accommodation,
  • Food Card CAD 100,
  • Tuition fees,
  • Experiential learning in form of industry visits, or lectures etc.
  • Course learning material,
  • City tour,
  • Certificate. 
  • Air ticket,
  • Visa cost,
  • Personal expense,
  • Health insurance. 
  • Registration – 10 days from launch 
  • Fees payment- after deposit in one week 
  • There will be no interviews, it’s an ad hoc visa filing procedure.   
  • NO IELTS Required 
  • It takes at 6 weeks to 8 weeks  month for issuing the visa 
  • Visa type declaration Depends on high commission, but it will be for short term only. 
  • *The visa can be from just 2 days preceding of the course & ends course dates* or it can be for full duration of validity of the passport. 
  • You will be guided for the visa documents from the chosen travel desk by University. 
  • If already having Canadian Visa, no visa fees. 
  • YES 
  • Its an official document.  
  • It states that you are going on officially study trip  
  • It binds you to be in legal borders & to compile to the program as per listed guidelines of your University 
  • CAD 150 will be deducted from the refund if your visa is denied. 
  • no refunds, If you choose to opt out of the program after fees payment. 
  • CAD 150 will be deducted from the refund if your visa is denied. 
  • No refunds, If you choose to opt out of the program after fees payment. 
  • Incase the program is cancel by Host University then full fees will be refunded. 
  • No, Roaming or travelling is allowed until you complete your Program/Session. 
  • If you want to travel to other places/countries then you will have to take in writing from the University and parents. 
  • Passport is Compulsory 
  • No accommodation permission is allowed other than the accommodation provided under the program for the duration of the program/session during week days, if you want to visit a relative or other place then you would need to provide an application with all details of relative and your stay to undertake the same. 
  • A mentor will be appointed in the program, who will accompany you in CANADA, for any permissible decision the mentor will be available with you.  

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