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The ongoing pandemic has affected every individual’s life personally as well as professionally, irrespective of their age, gender, or profession. We are all aware of the challenges currently faced and moreover the one we will be facing in the future amidst the Covid_19 situation. To grow With the changing educational ecosystem and economy, we are bringing our Canada Experience Program completely online. CICE, Carleton Global Academy, supported by UGF offers a non-credit and non-degree professional certification short-term online program.

Gain international professional certification in your field at home. Learn from international instructors via live online classes.

Fees of the Program
CAD $1000

8 Weeks

Total Hour of Study
40 Hours

Professional Certificate From CICE At Carleton University

Instructor Led Live Online Classes


Aerospace Program

Business Strategy Program

Data Analytics Program

Electrical Program

Mechanical Program

Nursing Program

Pharmacy Program

Physiotherapy Program

Structural Engg. Program


Timing schedule of the lectures, as they are instructor-led lectures (starting from 15th September)

Lectures will be timed for evening course IST – (approximately 6:30 PM IST)

Will it be completed this year? and when will I get the certification?

Yes, the virtual classes of 8 weeks will be conducted in 2020 and you will be awarded with certifications this year itself.

Will there be weekly lectures or daily?

There will be 2-3 lectures per week depending on the course. Courses will not be daily

What if I miss any lectures?

  1. All lecture notes will be uploaded to the CICE Moodle – class sessions will also be recorded.
  2. Failure to notify the facilitator may result in penalties

Will there be any assessment at the end of the program?

  1. Each course will have a final assessment – whether it be a test or a cumulative project.
  2. This is similar to the in-person program

Will this course help me with my future admissions in Canada?

  1. These course will hep you with professional development and gaining practical knowledge to further your studies or career
  2. While they are a value add to applications, PDP programs can not promise help with future admissions in Canada.

I want to travel to Canada in CEP 2021, when will I have to pay the rest of the amount

After completing your instructor lead live training sessions and receiving your certification, if you further decide to go for CEP 2021 or CEP2022, you will be given an option before opening the seats for the new batch i.e. around January 2021 / January 2022, at that time you would be required to pay the charges for the 2 weeks specially designed package for you.

What if the schedule timing is not suited to my schedule i.e India timing, our colleges run from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm?

  1. Is the expectation for this course to be run during college schedules IST?
  2. In this case, due to time differences, a 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM will not necessarily always be doable.

The minimum number of hours I need to attend?

  1. The expectation is to ensure that the facilitator can see you have gained knowledge in a specific course
  2. There are no minimum hours required, more so, penalties for missing class without a justification.

My course needs practical exposure since this is an online program, how will I gain the needed practical learning?

  1. CICE is looking to organize short term practical experiences in Ottawa once it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  2. CICE e-certification programs also bring in live case examples that tie practical into theory during the course

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