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India SME Forum has initiated Gujarat Chapter to unleash the potential of SME’s in the state of Gujarat. Mr. Nilesh Shukla was announced President for Gujarat State by India SME Forum in presence of Hon’ble Minister SME (Ex) Shri. Hari Bhai Chaudhary during Launch of the Chapter on 19th Aug 2017. The initiatives of the ISF-Gujarat Chapter hope to inspire willing and able SMEs that have the potential to be world-class enterprises and offer them the platform to promote themselves to partners, investors, and collaborators, to sustain long-term growth. ISF-Gujarat Chapter is well on its way to patronize the SME sector, with a view to act as a catalyst and provide every possible support to accomplish the mission.
India SME Forum is among the three national MSME organizations to find a place on the Advisory Committee of the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. The Forum is an ex-officio gazetted member of India’s National Board of MSME, the apex MSME Statutory Body, since 2015, a Member of the High-Powered Monitoring Committee of the National SC/ST HUB under Stand-Up India and a Member of the RBI’s Standing Advisory Committee on Flow of Institutional Credit to MSME Sector, apart from contributing to various national and international think tanks, on the MSME & Entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Mission of India SME Forum is to foster the development of flourishing entrepreneurial culture and a competitive SME sector to support economic development. The core strategies employed by the India SME forum to achieving its mission are:

  • Listening, Sharing and Advocating for a Pro-Business Environment
  • Identifying, Enabling and Seeding Innovative Start-ups and MSMEs
  • Recognizing, Grooming and Supporting, Promising SMEs.

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UGF Connect

We are a passionate team of professionals from various verticals of business. We believe that the best recipe for a delicious meal is the variety of essence that we get from various herbs and condiments added to the dish. Same goes for any business. We believe a successful solution is a combination of diverse aspects which directly or indirectly affect your business. We try to understand, evaluate and create solutions which would provide small yet critical enhancements which will give that additional leverage to your product and offerings.

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Pri-Primary Activity: BALMELA

Nutan Bal Shikshan Sangh is a foundation which works primarily in the field of the teacher training programme in rural areas. Bal Mela was the brainchild of late, Shree Jayantbhai Shukla, who was the pioneer of this foundation.

These children fair were been organized in memory of Shree Jayantbhai Shukla as it was his dream to do 1000 such Bal Mela, working towards providing better education structure and facilities to the Anganwadi of rural areas.

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Primary: TOD – FOD – JOD

Tod Fod Jod Fest, a learning innovative approach works with the aim to educate budding students in the field of Science & Technology. It motivates students to be curious, inquisitive and innovative by providing a hands-on learning experience. As the name goes students during the sessions are taught to deconstruct, reconstruct and re-purpose the everyday objects. This initiative works to educate students on how science & technology is used in household objects which are used to solve day to day problems.

Tod Fod Jod Fest 2019 was a unique experience and worked as a great learning opportunity for budding students. Students experimented with different household gadgets which instilled a curious mindset in them and helped complement their school education constructively. Such practical exposure helps to build their confidence and prepares them to be experienced, future professionals.
UGF aims to spread Tod Fod Jod across Gujarat in its valued institutional associates and make a considerable contribution to the lives of students.

College Students: Canada Summer Certification Program

It is designed and executed with the Canada-India Centre for Excellence, a Centre at Carleton University, Ottawa during the years 2018 and 2019 and now planned for 2020.

A batch of 200+ students chosen for the program has travelled for the program to Canada till now.
The programs are executed at the Canada-India Centre for Excellence and are hosted across the Carleton University’s campus. This program is offered in various verticals of Engineering i.e. Mechatronics, Data Analytics and Electrical Engineering, along with Physiotherapy, Pharmacy & Nursing.
The program focused on project-based learning along with innovative classroom teaching methods followed in Canada. The students received certification for the program completion of 4 weeks in Canada.

Education Portal

A Web-based portal created for the student for running the specialized courses designed by our associated members for the betterment of students.

We promote in Social Activities.

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