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NOCN Productivity Courses will enhance employ ability and competence of students for Executive Roles

Internationally Certified Online Masters Courses of UK Level 7 and India Level 8 for business leaders to drive sustainable increased business performance productivity and profit.

Certified by NOCN, one of the UK’s largest Government-regulated Awarding Organisations.

Curriculum designed by the Institute of Productivity, a key partner of The World Confederation of Productivity Science.

Successful students will be able to increase the performance of their organisation.

Move flexibly from introductory foundation courses and incrementally from Diploma to Extended Diploma.

Mandatory & Optional Units

Courses Launched


Masters – Diploma in Strategic Leadership of Performance and Productivity


  • 38 credit qualification. 
  • 28 credits from the 3 mandatory units, and 10 from one or more of the optional units

Cost of the Program


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Masters – Extended Diploma in Strategic Leadership of Performance and Productivity


  • 66 credit qualification 
  • 28 credits from the 3 mandatory units, and 38 from one or more of the optional units

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Are there any eligibility criteria or anyone can apply for this course?
Any Graduate / Graduate students in their last year course (preferably Engineering or Business). Those with up to 3 years’ experience will benefit.
What is the difference between the two courses?
• One is shorter and that will lead to a Diploma Certificate; The other requires the candidate to learn longer over more modules and is called an Extended Diploma.
• Diploma has 38 credit courses and Extended Diploma has 66 credit courses.
• The higher number of courses and more subjects in Extended Diploma lead to a deeper learning.
Can I enrol in this course with my on-going bachelor’s degree?
Yes you can enrol.
Is it a master’s certificate or diploma?
Both Diploma and Extended Diploma are PG Diplomas .
Who will be teaching?
Teaching is via on-line in Moodle of CICE.
Instructors of CICE shall also be running a few live sessions, these can be live post 6 PM IST.
Will the delivery be via pre-recorded videos that we can access as per our convenience or live classes?
Most of the sessions will be pre-recorded videos which the student can access as it suites them.
How will students’ queries be answered?
Subject Matter Experts will provide support to students via emails.
Validity of my Enrolment to complete the required number of hours for the program.
It will be recorded by our system . Students can complete the course as per their convenience.
If it is an instructor-led/live delivery then: 1.The time schedule for classes? 2. Will the time be according to BST or IST? as the Indian classes are also going online from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 3. Will the classes be daily or weekly, number of hours per class?
This is a self-paced learning program.
Is there any passing criteria? Will there be any graded assignments or exams? in which months the exams will be scheduled?
Assessment is by graded assignments (Markers have criteria) which can be taken by
the student at their convenience. The student shall have to inform us when they are
ready for evaluation. There are no set ‘exam windows’ – it is very flexible.
As it is an online course what is its value in the Indian market?
Both NOCN Diplomas are approved by UK Government. Both Diplomas will have
same recognition by Indian Employers and Universities as any other UK Diploma.
Will it be helpful for further master’s applications in the UK and India?

Yes, it will certainly help.

Will there be any credit transfers in a management program we enrol in the UK later?

It is a fully recognised UK International Qualification. NOCN qualifications are recognised by many Universities in UK.

Can I apply for Job on the basis of this course in the UK and India?

It is a fully recognised UK International Qualification. These Diplomas will be top-up qualification to your existing degree improving your employ ability ,  competence and chances of job-prospects in India and the UK.

Do we have any testimonials or student reviews who have already completed this course?

GDPR (Data Protection Regulation) restricts us to use this for commercial purposes.

Who will I reach for any academic or administrative queries? Are there any local (India) authorities’ that I can reach?

This will be via email. NOCN has an India Centre in New Delhi. Students will be given contact details of NOCN India for any administrative clarifications. Similarly, CICE has an India Associate who is available to answer the query. However, for Academic queries, NOCN will assign Subject Matter Experts in India to support students.

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