TOD FOD JOD initiative for schools

Tod Fod Jod Fest, a learning innovative approach works with the ultimate aim to educate budding students in the field of Science & Technology. It motivates students to be curious, inquisitive and innovative by providing a hands-on learning experience. As the name goes students during the sessions are taught to deconstruct, reconstruct and re-purpose the everyday objects. This initiative works to educate students on how science & technology is used in household objects which are used to solve day to day problems.

Tod Fod Jod Fest 2019 was a unique experience and worked as a great learning opportunity for budding students. Students experimented with different household gadgets which instilled a curious mindset in them and also helped compliment their school education constructively. Such practical exposure helps to build their confidence and prepares them to be experienced, future professionals.

UGF aims to spread Tod Fod Jod across Gujarat in its valued institutional associates and make a considerable contribution in the lives of students.

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Tod Fod Jod Fest has helped schools to encourage their students to focus on their mental ability. In an event in 2019 600 students of standard 7th, 8th and 9th actively participated and used 10 different gadgets like water purifier, electric iron, bicycle, stethoscope & BP Measurement, water pump, microscope, electric ceiling fan etc. To dismantle and recreate working machines.


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